Shout Out to Our Volunteers

The staff at the Archives are pretty busy but we are not the only ones, our volunteers put in many hours.

Leita has been working on the Spirit River tax records for a year now and has completed 25 years of transcribing. These records will be available on our website in conjunction with Spirit River’s 100 anniversary in 2016!Film & Story Tea 2014 078


Kathryn has been diligently working on getting information on WWI soldiers from the Peace Region added to Lives of the First World War database. This database will be the go-to place for information on Commonwealth soldiers. Not only does Kathryn work on this project but she is our resident blogger and keeps us informed on what was news in the Peace region.Gov't Mun. Days 001


Karen is a member of our Friends Society as well as working on projects, she  will be starting her next project soon. We also call on Karen to MC our events like the Film and Story Tea as well she has given classes on Writing Your Story at the annual Family History Day.Film & Story Tea 2014 024


Shannon is our Flickr person. She is adding photos to Flickr that feature communities in the South peace. She has finished with Buffalo Lakes as well as Grande Prairie City and is now working on Lake Saskatoon. If you have any photos of communities in the South Peace, we would love for you to bring them in.  Some of these early communities are no longer there, and this is one way to preserve the memories of them. Shannon is a fairly new volunteer and is not often here when I am so she has missed out on my picture taking – I’ll get you yet Shannon!


Gail is on hand keeping our clipping files up to date. She reads through the newspaper and creates files on people and important news. We have file cabinets bursting for researchers! Here is one of the Surnames Database created from our files. Gail is also our Treasurer and devotes quite a bit of her free time to the Archives.Film & Story Tea 2014 061


Matthew is another regular volunteer who comes in and has worked on many different projects. He too helped with the Spirit River Tax Records and now is working on typing out biographies for the oral histories we have on file. Phyllis is also working on this project.volunteers 007


Pat who does the mapping for our newsletters, another elusive volunteer with no photo.


We also welcome volunteers to help us get our newsletter out.Volunteers Nov newsletter 001


Also a shout out to our board members and the members on our Friends Society. The work you do is often behind the scenes, and we thank you for devoting your time to helping us improve the Archives!




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