McGovern, James “Jim”

Regimental Number: 101046
Rank: Private
Branch: 49th Battalion

Jim was born in Ontario County, Ontario on May 17, 1879. He came to the South Peace in 1914 and filed on NW 19-70-10-W6, at the top of the Red Willow hill. In July of 1915 he enlisted in the Canadian army. He received a gunshot wound to his head and thigh in October of 1916 at the Somme. According to his medical reports, he was anorexic, undernourished, and very weak. In June of 1918, Jim was invalided to Canada and discharged in October of 1918, having been found medically unfit. He died on July 19, 1938.

Sources: Beaverlodge to the Rockies p. 415