MacGregor, Charles Ramsay

Regimental Number: 874556
Rank: Private
Branch: Canadian Forestry Corps

Charles was born in Morden, Manitoba on May 27, 1856 (according to his obituary and headstone; a note on his service file states that his “real” date of birth was in 1866). He fought through the Riel Rebellion with the RCMP in 1885. In 1912 Charles came to the South Peace and filed on a homestead at 31-73-6-W6, though it appears he returned to his family in Manitoba as he enlisted in Morden in 1915, and listed Morden as his present address. Charles lied about his age in order to be accepted. He was married to Jennie (Jane) and had nine children aged 12 to 26 at the time of his enlistment. Though Charles came to live in the South Peace after the war, his wife and children remained Morden. Charles died on December 28, 1939 and was buried in the Emerson Trail Cemetery.

Sources: Buffalo Trails p. 140, 261