Bass, George Wesley

Regimental Number: 624678
Rank: Private
Branch: 151st Battalion; 50th Battalion; 9th Reserve Battalion; 176th Tunneling Company Royal Engineers

George was born on January 11, 1882 in Linwood, Ontario. He came over the Edson Trail in 1911. George enlisted in the army in 1916 and spent six months working with the Engineers digging a tunnel under Vimy Ridge. On April 13, 1917, when the men went over the top, George got a slight bullet wound in his side and arm. He was sent to England for attention. George returned to the trenches, where the damp cold brought on rheumatism. On March 30, 1918 he was given an honorable discharge (In accordance with HQ 16-1-21-3 of 21/10/17 having been placed in category CII as a result of sickness, specifically myalgic and rheumatic pain, and flat feet.). He came back to work on his Kleskun Hill homestead in 1920, after spending some time with his sister and her family in Yorkton, Saskatchewan. On June 9, 1926 George married Florence Druce of Totteridge, England. He met her while on leave. George died of cancer on June 30, 1960.

Sources: Smoky River to Grande Prairie p. 255