Allan, Melville George Bertram

Regimental Number: 1742; 793
Rank: Captain
Branch: Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry

Melville was born in Southampton, England on May 26, 1887. He filed on SW 31-77-20-W5 in 1914. Melville enlisted in the Canadian Army in Ottawa in August of 1914. At the time he was working as an electrician. In June of 1915, Melville was mentioned in dispatches by Field Marshall French. He was awarded the Military Medal in June of 1916 and appointed Regimental Sergeant Major. In October of 1916, Melville was granted his commission as a Lieutenant. He was promoted to Captain in October of 1918. Melville married Doris “May” Rocan Bastien in Winnipeg on March 17, 1924. He died in Vancouver on May 31, 1938.