Fonds 375 DeBolt Country Club fonds

DeBolt Country Club & Agricultural Society. — 1925-2009. — 48 cm of textual records. — 4 artistic drawings. — 3 blueprints.

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Agency History

The DeBolt Country Club received its charter on October 14, 1929. This charter was signed by early members: Fred Morland, D.D. McArthur, A.J. McLarty, J.C. Fehr, E.R. Clarke, Geo. DeBolt, H.F. Oyler and H.E. DeBolt.

It had been preceded by the DeBolt/Goodwin Development Club. In the 1930s, DeBolt Country Club met at the community hall and the sports/rodeo grounds. The Agricultural Society and the U.F.A still existed for some time, but the Country Club became the focal point for local entertainment. Clubs, hall operations and entertainment, sports days and stampedes over the years operated under this society. In 1964, the DeBolt Curling Club and the DeBolt Country Club had been working together to build the new Hall, finish the skating rink and get the artificial ice in the curling rink. The idea that many hands make light work rang true and the two groups officially amalgamated April 5, 1964. They decided at this time that the Vice-President be in charge of curling and summer sports, and another VP in charge of the hall and the skating rink, and under each VP would be a board of directors consisting of four ladies and four men. The position of secretary and treasurer were to be paid positions. This brought the Country Club, curling club, sports days, baseball and the hall all to be run under one executive.

In 1976, the Country Club joined with the Agricultural Society to become the Debolt Country Club and Agricultural Society. The community club has managed many aspects of social and recreational activities in the community of Debolt and continues to do so.

Today the DeBolt Country and Club & Agricultural Society operates the curling rink, “The Centre” which includes a large hall with modern facilities, kitchen and offices. This building also houses the DeBolt Public Library and exercise room. The Gunby Golf Course is a nine-hole course that is in operation during the summer and includes a clubhouse as well as camping stalls. The Country Club is in charge of the DeBolt Sports Field and holds the lease on the rodeo grounds, with a separate society hosting the event.

A complete history is contained in the book “DeBolt Country Club & Agricultural Society”.

Custodial History

The records were donated to the South Peace Regional Archives by Fran Moore, curator of the DeBolt & District Pioneer Museum, May 9, 2006 and an accrual was added by Fran on May 29, 2012.

Scope and Content

The fonds is arranged in six series based on record content: Executive Records, Financial Records, Membership Lists, Activities, History and Associated Organizations.

For the most part order has been imposed by the Archivist taking into account record types and the divisions used by the organization.


Title based on contents of the fonds.

Table of Contents

Series 375.01 Executive Records
Series 375.02 Financial Records
Series 375.03 Correspondence
Series 375.04 Activities
Series 375.05 History
Series 375.06 Associated Organizations
Series 375.01 Executive Records. — 1964-1979. — 10.5 cm of textual records.

The series consists of meeting minutes, by-laws of the organization, insurance records and membership lists.

SubSeries 375.01.01 Meeting Minutes. — 1954-1979. — 5 cm of textual records.

The sub-series consists of annual meeting minutes (1954, 1965-1976, 1978-1985), and executive meeting minutes (1954-1979).

SubSeries 375.01.02 Bylaws. — 1929-1982. — 1 cm of textual records.

The sub-series consists of a copy of the certificate of incorporation (1929, 1960), objects and bylaws (1976), a certificate of dissolution (1982), and a user agreement with other local clubs (1985).

SubSeries 375.01.03 Insurance Records. — 1929-1982. — 3 cm of textual records.

The sub-series consists of fire and building insurance records for the organization.

SubSeries 375.01.04 Membership Lists. — 1965-1989. — 1.5 cm of textual records.

The sub-series consists of executive, general membership as well as meeting attendance records.

SubSeries 375.01.05  Building Account. — 1980-1983. — 1 cm of textual records.

The sub-series consists of records from the building account.

SubSeries 375.01.06 Land Transactions. — 1980-1983. — 1 cm of textual records.The sub-series consists of land transactions and transfers for the DeBolt Country Club.
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Series 375.02 Financial Records. — 1965-2009. — 9 cm of textual records.The series consists of seven ledgers (1952-1956, 1964-1979, 1983-1985), financial records (1961-2009), receipts (1979-1987), building account (1980-1983) and land transactions (1960-1982).
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Series 375.03 Correspondence. — 1963-1986. — 7 cm of textual records.The series consists of correspondence generated by the operating of the DeBolt County Club and Agriculture Society. The correspondence includes copies of letters mailed as invitations to events, planning of expansions for land or buildings and overall event planning.The series consists of correspondence generated by the operating of the DeBolt County Club and Agricultural Society.
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Series 375.04 Activities. — 1964-1991. — 18.5 cm of textual records. — 2 artistic drawings. — 3 blueprints.The DeBolt County Club was active in many areas in the community. Some of the events that the club organized were carnivals, fairs, rodeos, fashion shows, concerts, movie nights to name a few.The series consists of records from the Hubert Memorial Park, DeBolt Community Hall, the skating rink, the curling clubs, the golf course, library and records of other events that the Community Club was involved in.
SubSeries 375.04.01 Hubert Memorial Park. — 1964-1991. — 1 cm of textual records.In 1968, the DeBolt Country Club along with the DeBolt Legion and the DeBolt United Church were bequeathed Tom Hubert’s estate. Two people from each of these organizations met and it was decided to create a memorial in thanks for his thoughtfulness. The park was created and a plaque was installed that reads: “Established July, 1969 in memory of Thomas Adam Hubert, a resident of this area since 1940. Who on his passing August 7, 1968 left his estate to the East Smoky Legion, the DeBolt United Church and the DeBolt Country Club. Members of these organizations jointly established this park in order that they might pay tribute to this man whose thoughtfulness made this community his beneficiary”. These meetings were the beginning of the DeBolt & District Pioneer Museum.The subseries consists of correspondence and financial records that pertain to the establishment of the Hubert Memorial Park.
SubSeries 375.04.02 DeBolt Community Hall. — 1964-1991. — 7 cm of textual records. — 3 blueprints.The DeBolt Community Hall was first built in 1929, by a very determined group of volunteers from the DeBolt Country Club. In 1967, a new hall was built by the community with help of grant money and volunteer labour. This new hall was and named the DeBolt Centennial Hall. An addition was added to the hall in 1980, which was called the “Alberta Ball Room”. The community hall has served numerous fuctions over the years, it has been a place for political meetings, dances, teas, school concerts, movies, funerals, wedding dances, and countless clubs and organizations have held their meetings there. The functions at the hall may have changed over the years but the purpose of bringing the community of DeBolt together has not, as the hall is still in use to this day.The series consists of records from the Hubert Memorial Park, DeBolt Community Hall, the skating rink, the curling clubs, the golf course, library and records of other events that the Community Club was involved in.
DeBolt Community Hall Blueprints, 1964-1991
3 Blueprints; 60 x 90 cm
Three blueprints of the Centennial Hall addition including the floor plan, elevations and electrical.
Location: 0375.04.02.01-.03
SubSeries 375.04.03 Curling. — 1964-1977. — 3.5 cm of textual records.The DeBolt community had a very active interest in the sport of curling with some great results. The first curling rink was opened in DeBolt in 1938 with one sheet but was quickly expanded to two in 1940. After many years of use a new rink was required and in 1961 a two sheet natural ice rink was opened. This rink served the community for many years but in the winter of 1972 burned to the ground. The community quickly rallied to rebuild, which was built mainly by volunteers. Near the end of 1972 the new rink was ready for use. The Ladies Curling Club in DeBolt were members of the Peace Ladies Curling Club and were very active in attending curling events around the Peace Country.The sub-series consists of financial records, correspondence and events organized by the DeBolt Curling Club and the Ladies Curling Club.
SubSeries 375.04.04 Golf. — 1964-1977. — 6 cm of textual records. — 1 artistic drawings.In 1972 was the first talk about a golf course for the DeBolt area, 1975 the 9 hole course opened. In 1978 they added a club house for the golfers. The Gunby Ranch Golf Course as it is now called is located 5 km North off highway 43 (Range Road 13) East of Grande Prairie.The sub-series consists of records of the formation of the DeBolt Golf Course, correspondence, financial records, and tournaments hosted by the DeBolt Golf Clubs.
Golf Poster, 1964-1977
Creator: Poster
A Golf Tournament poster for an event in DeBolt. On the back is a list of paid members in 1979. The poster has some damage with dots of red in the center.
Location: 0375.04.04.01
SubSeries 375.04.05 Skating Rink. — 1969-1976.In 1962, the Community Club purchased land with the purpose of opening a skating rink. In 1983, after many years of use by the community,the rink was allowed to return to grass and the perimeter boards were removed.The sub-series consists of a development permit, financial records and meeting minutes that pertain to the DeBolt Skating Rink.
SubSeries 375.04.06 DeBolt Public Library. — 1974-1980.In 1981, the old community dance hall was renovated into a library. The DeBolt community members contributed many hours to making the library a comfortable place to enjoy a good book.The sub-series consists of correspondence and financial records that pertain to the operating of the DeBolt Library.
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Series 375.05 History. — 1925-1989. — 2.5 cm of textual records.The series consists of news clippings, member’s lists, a scrapbook (1925-1933) and the 60th Anniversary Book titled “DeBolt Country Club & Agricultural Society”.
DeBolt Pioneer Days Poster, 1938
Pioneer Days Poster
Creator: Pioneer Days Poster
The 9th Annual Pioneer Days poster. The event was held on July 13, 1938 and included horse racing, athletics, basketball and dance. The event was hosted by the DeBolt Country Club.
Location: 0375.05.01
DeBolt Stampede and Sports, 1940
Stampede & Sports Poster
Creator: Stampede & Sports Poster
A poster for the DeBolt Stampede and Sports event held on July 9th, 1940. The events include bronk and steer riding, wild cow milking, calf roping, wild streer race and many more.
Location: 0375.05.02
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Series 375.06 Associated Organizations. — 1971-1985.The series consists of one letter written by the Sturgeon Lake Ladies Club (1971), three documents from the Crooked Creek Recreation Project (1972) and a financial statement (1979) and annual report (1985) for the DeBolt & District Pioneer Museum Society.
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