This Week In 1914 – Game On!

Bill Scott, in his Potpourri page in the Herald Tribune, and I are both doing a feature on Grande Prairie in 1914. Since we use the same small newspaper, the number of interesting items is limited. On Friday March 21’s Potpourri, Bill used the best story in the whole paper, the editorial about the need for a Protestant cemetery, as his headline feature. I had picked that out weeks ago, but he scooped me again. I did beat him to “Ode to Grande Prairie” though. The way I figure it, Bill has done his March feature, so I now have 2 or 3 weeks to pick anything I want before I have to worry about which stories he will be using in April. That’s the only time I beat him to the articles, because I do items weekly and his Potpourri story is monthly. I am looking forward to October, when the second newspaper in Grande Prairie began publishing, and there may be more choices. All that being said, for “This Week in 1914” item, I was left with the “Challenge” item. These challenges to box or wrestle were not uncommon ads to find in the early newspapers. Sometimes when the challenges were accepted, the date and time of the match would appear in the paper, and later the results.

Daily Herald Tribune March 24, 1914
Daily Herald Tribune
March 24, 1914

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