The Wapiti Ferry

This week in history we are focusing on the Wapiti Ferry.

The Wembley Ferry c.1937
The Wembley Ferry c.1937

Grande Prairie Herald


This article sparked the interest of our “This Week in History” author who started to investigate and see what she could learn about the Ferry. Mike Lett provided her with a photo and she was able to uncover a bit more information. The Wembley Ferry was still operating but was used less after a bridge was built over the Wapiti, south of Grande Prairie (replacing another ferry) in 1958. A group of people had purchased shares in the ferry south of Wembley for $1.00 each, in order to keep it running. The Ferry was kept operational until a flood in 1970 washed out the approaches. Recently, restoration was considered by the County, but time had taken too great a toll. The old ferry is now being swallowed up by vegetation at Pipestone Creek Park.

Ferry June 19, 1970 Taken by Mike Lett.
Ferry June 19, 1970
Photo taken by Mike Lett.






Kathryn was able to find the remnants of the Ferry by the Pipestone campgrounds just last week.

The Ferry Sept 14, 2013 Photo Taken by Kathryn Auger
The Ferry Sept 14, 2013
Photo Taken by Kathryn Auger

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