Thank You Volunteers!

Happy Volunteer Week!

The work of the Archives would not be possible without the support of our board members and volunteers. In 2020, they contributed more than 817 hours of service to support our mission. Although their duties vary widely, all their support is valuable and appreciated. Please join us in thanking our volunteers for all that they do!


South Peace Regional Archives Volunteers, 2020:

Meg Archer             Leita Askew             Ron Boyce

Karen Burgess             Shelley Calliou             Suzanne Dunn

Betty Dyck             Kaylee Dyck             Dave McRae

Gail Prette             Randy Repka             Gail Schau             Cathy Scott

Pat Wearmouth             Grace Wideman             Victoria Wanihadie


South Peace Regional Archives Board of Directors, 2020-2021:
Jan Shields, President             Duff Crerar, Director

Eleanor Dalen Whitling, Vice President              Gary Dixon, Director

Meg Archer, Secretary             Maxine Maxwell, Director

Gail Prette, Treasurer             Shawn Morton, Director

Eunice Friesen, City of Grande Prairie             Pauline Norton, Director

Peter Harris, County of Grande Prairie             Meaghan Peuramaki-Brown, Director

Shawn Acton, M.D. of Greenview             Gail Schau, Director

Stan Bzowy, M.D. of Spirit River             Daryl White, Director


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