From the Vault Friday: Meditations While Migrating

Image: SPRA Fonds 122

Todays “From the Vault Friday” features a book of poetry from the Elizabeth Dunlap fonds (Fonds 122), titled “Meditations While Migrating”. Written by Nurse Baird and Miss Drynan in 1914, the book of poetry also includes some area photographs. There were 75 copies printed. The first poem, featured here, reads:


Kind friends who live in the Northern clime,

Please pardon our feeble efforts at rhyme.


After aftermoon tea at a quarter to three

At the Hospital door with Kodaks three,

We bade farewell to Grande Prairie.

Mr. Forbes, with Baxter before,

Sped down the trail with a pound of honey or more.


As we climb the hill we gain a last view,

Of Bear Lake and the sparkling Twins too,

As merrily we roll along-roll along,

Across the vast prairie


As twilight falls, we reach the Anderson abode,

A favored stopping-place on the long and weary road,

Miss Anderson and mother greet us with a welcome


Inviting us to stop and rest a while.

Fred Anderson of fourteen snows, with his patient four,

(The motor power which broke ninety acres, plowed thirty more).


At Barrett’s our first camp dinner was laid,

And to the kind donor our tribute was paid,

The kitten gnawed at the bone of a chicken

The pig at the wapoose was pickin,

Till Miss Baird took the whip and gave him a lickin.


View a selection of photos from the Elizabeth Dunlap fonds (Fonds 122) here.


From the Vault Friday is a social media campaign that highlights interesting materials from the collections of the South Peace Regional Archives. This project was made possible by an Access to Holdings Grant from the Archives Society of Alberta.

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