Swimming Shenanigans & Ladies Allowed in Pool Hall

Our intrepid researcher has come across some old newspaper articles, one will make you chuckle and the other highlights the restrictions that women lived with not too long ago.

The first article I think we can all relate to as it refers to a group of men trying to find an outdoor pool to cool off in. With Grande Prairie’s outdoor pool having been shut down this summer there are some residents that can relate. The solution the men came up with was not the best. Both news clippings are taken from the front page of the Grande Prairie Herald August 10, 1939.

The story describes a gang of young men who over a few beers decide they need to go for a swim. Under the advisement of a group member they head off to a new, as yet unknown location. After cooling themselves for some time they were to learn that it was not a swimming hole…


I don’t know which I liked more the story or the authors flowery writing!























The 2nd article is about Ladies being allowed into the new pool hall. I wonder what women would do today of they were told they were not allowed to enter a building, it was for men only?








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