Movie Monday: Hudson’s Hope

Image: A film still showing the Foster family taking a rest on a road trip (SPRA 449.01.02, Fonds 449: Foster Family fonds)

Movie Monday highlights videos from the Archives’ film collection. Every week, an archival film will be featured on our YouTube channel and here on our blog. The Movie Monday project is made possible with the generous funding support of Swan City Rotary Club of Grande Prairie

Welcome back to Movie Monday! Today we are beginning a series of videos and blog posts that will focus on the road trips and vacations taken by three South Peace families: the Fosters, the Piverts, and the Marcys. Each of these families has been previously featured on Movie Monday, so we hope you will enjoy becoming better acquainted with them throughout the summer!

Our first trip takes us to Hudson’s Hope, British Columbia in 1950. When Raymond and Iva Foster made this road trip, they had three young children: Janus and Ben, who were approximately 4 and 2 years old, and Dwain, still an infant. The film includes many scenic shots taken from a variety of vantage points, and footage of Iva enjoying the outdoors with the children.

The river that appears in so many scenes is presumably the Peace River, named so in honour of the peace settlement that was reached between the Cree and Dane-Zaa people at Peace Point circa 1781. The river, now referred to by locals as the ‘Mighty Peace’, is 1,923 kilometers long and up to 11 kilometers wide. It is one of the principal tributaries of the Mackenzie River system.

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