City of Grande Prairie Building Identification Contest

This contest is being featured in our newsletter and we wanted to have the map on the web for easier viewing. How well do you remember Grande Prairie?

This aeriel was taken by Paul Pivert in 1968. Can you match the 20 Grande Prairie landmarks at the bottom of the page with the numbers on this photograph? First prize winner will receive a one year subscription to this newsletter. We will publish all the names of everyone who gets all the answers. Were any major landmarks missed? Send us an e-mail and tell us what you remember. SPRA

____ IGA Foodliner                                         ____Provincial Building

____ 1952 Grande Prairie High School          ____ 1929 Grande Prairie High School

____ NAR Railway Station                              ____ RCMP Barracks/Granco Real estate

____ Grande Prairie & District Co-op             ____ Old Immigration Hall ( an apt in 1968)

____ Windsor Ford Ltd.                                 ____ Grande Prairie Court House


____ Montrose Junior High School                 ____ Presbyterian Church

____ ALCB Liquor Store                                 ____ Montrose Elementary School

____ Central Park Lodge                                ____ County High School Dorm

____ County Administration Office                 ____ Warehouse by the tracks (Marshall Wells?)

____ Royal Canadian Legion                        ____ Grande Prairie Public Library

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