1928 Women’s Basketball Champions

Grande Prairie Herald ~ February 20, 1931
Grande Prairie Herald ~ February 20, 1931

Oddly enough, this picture was published in February of 1931 when the team was set to play during Carnival Week.  I assume the same women were playing in 1931 as appeared in the 1928 picture.  It’s hard to read the names, but I think they are:

Top row: Naomi Boyd, Bert (Bertha Kenney), and Gertrude Graben

Bottom row: ?, Irene Squires, Eleanor Kenney, and Emile Watson

I also found two articles in the early fall of 1930 saying that the team was to play the second team of the Edmonton Grads in December, but I could find no mention of it taking place.

The entire roster listed in May of 1928 was Eunice Dandy (Captain), Emile Watson (F), Bertha Kenney (F), Eleanor Kenney (D), Dorothy Chrystal (D), Naomi Boyd (D), Irene Squires (F), Helen Bromley, and subs Erma Jurney, Edna Taylor, and Dolly Lanctot.

In the Sports Index on the Archives website, there are articles on girls’ or women’s basketball listed as early as 1917, but the heyday of the sport seemed to be from 1923 to 1933.

Researched & written by Kathryn Auger

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