Tink, William Elmer

Regiment:  Calgary Highlanders

Force:  Canadian Army Service Corps

William Elmer [Elmer] Tink was the second oldest son of William and Margaret (Beamish) Tink, who married on December 31, 1903 in Ontario.  Elmer was born November 3, 1906 in Ontario.  In 1910, with their four children William and Margaret came west to southern Alberta, spending 15 years in the Steveville area.  In 1925, they moved north to Leslieville, west of Red Deer, and in 1928, further north to the Peace Country.  The last move was made by rail, with a team of horses, one cow, several chickens, some machinery and household effects, and six of their now seven children.

Recruited at the Grande Prairie Military Centre, Gordon, Elmer, and Allen Tink joined the army when war broke out.  Elmer and Allie were members of the Calgary Highlanders.

Elmer became ill while still in Canada.  He received an honourable discharge in 1942 due to poor health and, following surgery in the University of Alberta Hospital, passed away on October 13, 1943 at the age of 36 years in Edmonton.

Source:  Community Book Index – Wagon Trails Grown Over, Surname File, Obituaries