Thompson, Ross Monroe

Regimental Number: M612060 & M29268
Rank: Private

Ross, born on January 8, 1920, was the oldest of Rowe and Bessie Thompson’s children. Ross and his siblings attended the East Kleskun One-Room School. Ross worked on his father’s farm using power equipment from 1936 to 1941. From 1941 to 1944, Ross worked as a bookkeeper for Western Construction & Lumber Co. Ltd.

Ross married a young lady from Kleskun Hills by the name of Evaline Mayer on October 16, 1942. They wed in Quesnel, BC where Ross was employed at the time.

On May 9, 1944, Ross was called up for service and enrolled with NRMA (National Resources Mobilization Act) at Calgary. He was transferred to the A20 Training Centre in Red Deer where he passed courses to become a Qualified “Class III” Driver (Wheeled) as well as a Qualified Clerk, Group “C” (time-keeping). He was then transferred to Camp Borden in Ontario where he successfully completed courses to become a Qualified Driver I/C “B” Vehicles. He then enlisted with the Army on June 5, 1945 and subsequently volunteered for the Pacific Theatre of War. Private Ross Monroe Thompson served in Canada and received the War Medal 1939-45. He was discharged on demobilization on March 19, 1946 at Calgary.

While in Edmonton and standing on the corner of the Tegler Building, a fellow by the name of Carl Cotnum offered Ross a job as a time-keeper in Whitecourt. Ross and Evaline were on the evening train to Whitecourt and Ross arrived at the Western Construction & Lumber Company’s office the next morning. Ross and Evaline’s only child, Sharon was born in 1950. Eventually Ross decided to go into the construction business and entered into a partnership known as Thompson and Feero Construction. The Company had two caterpillars and a scraper and built roads in the summer months and seismographed in the wintertime. From there, Ross worked for Gould Tomlinson selling real estate in Whitecourt. Eventually Ross went back to work for Western Construction & Lumber Company until he was forced to retire at 65. Ross then found employment with Mostovich Lumber in Fox Creek and worked there until he permanently retired in the late 1980’s. Ross loved to read, watch sports and tinker in his garage. Ross and Evaline spent a considerable amount of time supporting their daughter in her music and dance endeavors.

Ross passed away on June 1, 1999 and Evaline passed away in May of 2002. Both are buried at the Pioneer Cemetery in Spruce Grove. Their daughter Sharon is retired and lives in Stony Plain.

Contributed by Wanda Zenner

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