Thibault, Georges-Cyrille

Georges was born in Baie-des-Sables, Comtee Matane, Quebec.  His parents were Cyrille-Francois Thibault (died 1961) and Emma Alice Bernier (died 1976).  His siblings, all born in the same place, included Louise, Yvette (Jean-Marie Barrette), Gerard (Noella Jacob), Germaine (Gustave Paradis), Paul-Emile, Corrine (Maurice Sullivan), Robert (Leona Langlois), and Rolland (Leona Verreault).

The family moved to Tangent in 1930, where Cyrille filed on SW 28-79-24-W5.  Two more sons were born there: Jean-Louis (Jeanne d’Arc Granger) and Denis (Celina Boivin).  Georges was an accomplished violinist. He never married.

Source:  Community Book Index – Smoky Peace Triangle