Taylor, Henry

Henry was the third eldest son of Henry and Catherine Taylor.  There were 10 children, five girls and five boys: Elizabeth (married William Craig in August, 1932), Cecilia, Catherine (married William Watson in November, 1931), Margaret (married Henry Anderson), Ina (married Gerald Cameron), Peter (married Agnes Smith in April, 1943), Donald, William, Henry “Harry”, and John “Jock”.

The family came to Wembley, Alberta from Stirlingshire, Scotland on May 26, 1928.  Shortly after, Henry went to Pibrock, Alberta where he worked for an uncle for two years.  He then returned to the Wembley area and worked for William Craig for several years.

After the war began, Henry received basic army training in Grande Prairie.  He was posted in various western Canada army bases, and then served in the Aleutian Islands, and finally in Western Europe.  He was in the army for about four years being discharged in 1946.

Upon his return home, in 1947 Henry married Helen McNab of Two Rivers who had been teaching at Wembley for three years.  They had three children: Donna, a teacher, Lynne, an accountant, and Craig, who farmed with his father.  Henry purchased land from the Veteran’s Land Act, a farm previously owned by the Farquhar family.

In 1978. Henry was awarded a life membership in the 4-H Dairy Club.  The entire family curls, and Craig has played fastball and broomball.

Source:  Community Book – Along the Wapiti