Repetowski, Jakym “Jack”

Regimental Number: M605680
Rank: Private

Jakym, who went by Jack, was born on August 6, 1907 in Austria. From 1917 to 1927, he worked with his father on a mixed farm using horses. He came to Canada in 1927 and found employment with various farmers. He applied for a homestead on NE 7-73-3-W6 in August 1928 in an area of Bezanson known as Fitzsimmons; however, abandoned the property as being unsuitable in December 1928. By 1942, he operated his own mixed farm and worked off the farm as a logger during the winter months. In 1943, Jack had found work as a carpenter for Anderson Construction in Dawson Creek, BC.

Jack enrolled in the National Resources Mobilization Act of 1940 on April 1, 1943 at Grande Prairie and trained at Calgary and Wainwright. On April 16, 1943, he enlisted in the Canadian Army at Wainwright and where he continued to train before being sent to Calgary and Wetaskiwin and eventually Vernon. Private Jakym Repetowski served in Canada and was discharged at Calgary on March 11, 1946 and received the 1939-1945 War Medal.

Jack returned to the Fitzsimmons area where he eventually owned the SW 19-83-2-W6. Jack never married and eventually moved to Edmonton. Jack passed away in 1980 and was buried at the Saint Michaels Cemetery in Edmonton.

Contributed by Wanda Zenner

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