Pellerin, Harvey

Regiment:  Armoured Corps, VIII Canadian Recce Regiment, Duke of York’s Royal Canadian Hussars

Force:  Army

Harvey was born in October 1924 in Grande Prairie, Alberta. He joined the army on October 28, 1943 at the age of 19. He was put in the Armoured Corps and sent to Dundurn, Saskatchewan for basing training. His next stop was Camp Borden, Ontario, then Windsor, Nova Scotia then to the boat, the New Amsterdam, a Dutch owned liner.

He and his unit landed in Scotland and were sent to a camp at Woking, England where he took a course in armoured cars. The next stop was Headey Downs and then on to Holland as a reinforcement for the second division of the VIII Canadian Recce Regiment. They were in Leer, Germany when the Armistice was signed. They were sent back to Holland to escort German soldiers back to Germany.  Harvey believes it was July 1945 that the German Occupation Army was formed and he was part of it. This was the 2nd 3 Division and their unit was Duke of York’s Royal Canadian Hussars.

July 1946 saw the end of Canadian Army duty in Germany and they were sent back to England and then home to Canada. Harvey was discharged in August 1946.

Harvey married Elsie Kopp in April of 1947 and settled in Goodwin, Alberta. Harvey and Elsie had four children.

Source:   Across the Smokey pp160-161