Lessard, Jean-Paul

Jean-Paul(Johnny) Lessard was born on March 31, 1914 in St. Paul, Ab.

Johnny worked as a water man, then as a bartender in the hotel, and also as a bookkeeper in the store, before working for the United Grain Growers.

Johnny married Violet Lavoy on December 16, 1941 in McLennan, Ab. Together they raised seven children.

In July, 1942 he enlisted in the Army and was posted to Shilo, Brandon, Winnepeg, Saskatoon, and was discharged as a Sergeant on May 1, 1946. After the war Johnny returned to the Peace Country to work for the Giroux Brothers. In March 1955 he became Secretary Treasurer for the Smoky River Municipality No.130. Starting in June 1965, he worked for Danbrook & Pelland as an accountant until his passing in 1969.

Johnny passed away on July 31, 1969 and is interred at the McLennan St. John the Baptist Cemetery in McLennan, Ab.

Sources: Trails and Rails North Vol. 1  p. 261