Florchuck, Peter

Regiment:  No. 4 Guard South Saskatchewan Regiment

Peter Florchuk, who was born on June 27, 1921, in Murszkatowka, Poland, came to Canada at age 9 in May 1930 with his family.  His parents, Nicholas and Katherine, homesteaded in the Webster area (near Sexsmith AB). He had two younger sisters, Joyce and Sadie. As a youngster, Peter attended school in Webster, and as a young man he worked in the area.  At age 18, he joined the army in WW II, serving overseas for five years.  Back in Canada, he bought the land  NW 5-74-6- W 6 from the Veterans Land Act in 1946 (*or 1947). He married Jenny Semack from Clairmont on February 26, 1948.  They had 4 daughters:  Rosemarie, Kathy, Elizabeth, and Jeanette. For many years the Florchuks farmed in the Webster area, and raised registered Hereford cattle, chickens and pigs, and huge gardens. In 1966 (**or 1967) Peter rented out his land, and then he worked in construction until 1981 when he “called it quits.”  Jenny and Peter moved from the farm to a house they purchased in Sexsmith in 1984.  Being very fond of his grandchildren, Peter always spoiled them with candy or treats, and could hardly wait for their visits.  Peter passed away in his home at age 71, on October 24***, 1992.  Jenny died on February 11, 2006.

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