Floen, Norman

Norman Floen, the youngest of four children, was born between 1908 and 1911 in Entwistle AB.  His father, John, was from Norway and his mother, Mary, was from Minnesota USA. His older siblings, Marvin, Thelma, and Harold were born in North Dakota USA.  (Harold also served in WW II.)  When his father decided to move to the Peace Country from Entwistle, he travelled the Edson Trail by horseback in 1911, filing on a homestead in Buffalo Lakes.  A year later, the family moved to the homestead, using a homemade caboose pulled by a team of oxen.  Their milk cow was tied at the back so the family could have fresh milk on the 3 week trip.  They arrived on March 20, 1912, and proved up their land in 3 years.  From 1915 to 1917 the family moved to Peace River Crossing so that the older children could attend school. John ran a butcher shop there.  After moving back to the homestead, the children went to a school in Buffalo Lakes which opened in fall of 1917.  Norman married Amy Krantz in 1932, and they had 4 children together:  Rodney, Carol, Arlene, and Ann. Norman served in the war, and followed a teaching career.  Sadly, his wife passed away in 1950.  Remarrying in 1953 to Frances Flewelling, Norman and she had 2 more children:  Lynn and Kevin.  In later years, Norman lived in Priddis, AB, and he died in 1976.

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