Fitzsimmons, Norman

Norman Fitzsimmons was born on March 11, 1915 in Delia, Alberta, (near Drumheller).  He lived there until he joined the army in October 1942. His brother, Harold, was also in the army. In 1943 Norman was posted overseas to England and Holland.  When he was discharged in December 1945, he returned to Calgary, where his wife Ruth Coupland, and daughter, Prudence, were living. Ruth was from Richdale, near Drumheller, and it was not clear when Norman and Ruth married. Norman started a floor sanding business in Calgary which he sold in 1961. The following February, he moved up to Spirit River where his brother, Harold, was living. By that time Ruth and Norman also had a son, Jack, who came to Spirit River that September to start school. Ruth and her mother followed a month later.  Together with Hank Senner, Norman bought a huge Cat, started a brushing business. Norman also bought a homestead in Silver Valley which he farmed. In 1964, he was given the contract to haul mail on the rural route. During the spring and fall work on the farm, Norman hired someone to haul the mail for him. Ruth also worked for the post office in Spirit River, starting in 1963. In 1974 she was offered the job of post mistress in Fort Simpson, and the family lived there until March 1981 when she retired. At that point, Norman and Ruth moved back to Calgary. Norman sadly died of cancer on July 22, 1981.

Source:   Chepi Sepe p. 184 (photo in uniform)

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