Ferguson, James “Jim”

Jim Ferguson was born on December 13, 1908 on his parents’ homestead 2 miles west of Rycroft.  He was one of 8 children of St. Pierre and Philomene (Calliou) Ferguson.  His siblings were Henry, Mary, Charles (died in 1930), (Jim was #4), Anne (died 1932), Maggie, Malcolm, and Florence.  Early schooling for the children was in the Presbyterian Mission on the south side of the Spirit River.  In Grade 6, Jim transferred to the new school in Rycroft.  The railroad came to Spirit River in 1916, which was memorable for Jim as a young boy.  Jim was a pitcher for the baseball team in Spirit River, and later he played softball.  Although his family was strict, and the kids had to work hard on the farm herding cattle and spading the garden, Jim remembers having a very happy childhood.  In 1926 the family moved to White Mountain.  The boys, Henry, Charlie, and Jim played on baseball and basketball teams there.  Jim and Malcolm also participated in boxing matches.  They enjoyed playing against the surrounding communities.  In WW II, Jim enlisted in the Army in 1940, and then was posted in England for three and one half years. He was discharged in spring 1945. In the meantime, his family moved back to Rycroft.  Jim was a farmer for his adult life.  He was not married.

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