Evenson, Lloyd

Lloyd Evenson was one of 9 children of Albert and Mary Evenson. He moved with his family and some sibling from Holden AB to Belloy AB in 1934 by train. They settled at his grandfather’s (Ole Bjerkseth) farm, bringing all their cattle with them, and farmed there for two years. Then they took their own homestead in the Bad Heart area. As times were hard, the children left school early to help on the homestead, or to work for neighboring farmers. Lloyd joined the army during WW II, and after the war he took his own homestead in the Belloy area. In 1953 he rented out his land, and he joined the Air Force for Peace Time Service, being stationed in Saskatoon SK. There he met his wife, Grace Stevenson, and they were married in 1956. Their first child was born the following year. Grace had the desire to try the farming life, so in 1959 they moved from city life to Lloyd’s farm to raise cattle. Over the years they had six more children, including two sets of twins who were only 15 months apart. Sadly, one of the babies died at 7 months. Another tragedy was the loss of their son, Wilfred, in a car accident in 1978. Lloyd and Grace continued to farm on a smaller scale until their retired. Grace died in 2014 at age 77, and Lloyd had passed away earlier. Their 7 children were: Wilfred, Audrey, Marilyn, Alvin, Melvin, Barry and Garry (who died as infant?).

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