Evenson, Leonard

Born in 1918, Leonard Evenson was one of 9 children of Albert and Mary Evenson. In 1935, the parents with 5 of their children moved from Holden AB to Belloy AB by train. Following them in a box car, Leonard and his brother Arnold transporting their cattle which they unloaded and drove to the farm of Mary’s father, Ole Bjersketh. The Evenson family lived and farmed on Ole’s farm for two years, until they took their own homestead near Bad Heart. Leonard and Arnold broke and cleared the land with horses. They also cleared land for other homesteaders in the area for $1 per day. When WW II began, Leonard and his brother Lloyd joined the army. Leonard was wounded during his service, and after he healed, he returned home and helped his family with farming. In 1956, Leonard and his parents moved to Wanham. After his parents passed away, he continued to farm. When he retired, he resided in Spirit River where he died in January 2005 at age 87.

Source: Grooming the Grizzly p. 224 (picture in uniform), p. 302 family story
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