Evans, Francis “Irish”

Francis Evans (nicknamed “Irish”) came Canada as a bachelor. He took a homestead in Bridgeview district, on E ½ – 18-77-6-6. A few years after he settled, he met Naomi Cook, and they were soon married. They had 5 children: a son, Howard, and daughters Esther, Muriel, and Lois. Their daughter Jean died while very young.

Irish served in both WW 1 and 2. About the time he joined the Second WW, the Evans bought a half section on the north slope of White Mountain. To supplement their income, Irish had many odd jobs, while Naomi cooked at a sawmill one winter. Their children attended school in White Mountain, Bridgeview and Willowdale. For some time, they lived on a farm in Willowdale before their moved to Spirit River, and lived there for a few years. During that time Irish passed away in Grande Prairie. Naomi decided to move to Kelowna BC.

Source: Memories and Moments pp. 277 (photo in uniform), and 172