Erickson, Louis

Louis Erickson, the third child of Fred and Marguerite (Bourgeois) Erickson, was born on April 1, 1921 in Girouxville AB. His father, Fred, was from Sweden, and came to Girouxville to take up a homestead in 1914. He married Marguerite in 1915. Louis’ brothers were Nelse, Andre, Roy (who was also in WW II), and William. Louis trained for the armed forces in Grande Prairie, but due to rheumatic fever, he never went overeas. Therefore the furthest east he could travel was Winnipeg. On July 18, 1945 he married Annie Waldner from Clairmont. After his discharge, Louis returned to farming with his brothers. Around 1960 he bought his own farm 2 miles east of Girouxville. A while later he sold his farm, moving to Falher. When Roy, his brother, passed away, Louis and Annie moved to Grande Pairie with their two youngest children. Louis died on December 15, 1978. Soon afterwards, Annie moved back to Falher, then to Grimshaw, and finally back to Grande Prairie. Louis and Annie had 6 children: Darlene, Ronald (died as infant), Shirley, Gloria (also known as Peggy), Dale and Cynthia.

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