Ellingson, Floyd Lester

Regiment: Army Service Corps
Force: Army

Born on October 21, 1918 in Bow Island AB, Floyd was the fourth child of John and Anna Ellingson, who were Norwegian and had immigrated to America in the early 1900’s. In 1925 when Floyd was 8, the family moved to the Nobleford-Kipp area (northwest of Lethbridge) to farm. Floyd lived there, and helped farm, for 38 years. They had a mixed farm of Aberdeen Angus cattle, pigs, grain, and sugar beets. In 1940 Floyd joined the Army Service Corps. While stationed in Vancouver BC, he met his future wife, Olive. (She had come to Canada from South Wales in 1928 with her parents.) Floyd and Olive were married in Vancouver in 1943. The couple travelled across Canada several times while Floyd was in the army for 4 ½ years. During his last year of service, Floyd was in England, Belgium, and Holland. After his discharge, Floyd worked a few months at the CP railroad, and in 1947, Floyd and Olive took over the family farm. Their 3 children were born in Lethbridge: Bryan in 1946, Dennis in 1949, and Colleen in 1953. In 1963 the family moved to Bonanza AB, purchasing the land NE-32-79-12 W6th, because they wanted farm land for their children. They had a 1949 Reo truck which was used for many years on the farm until the 1980’s. Floyd always had a great interest in helping the community. He was a Wheat Pool delegate for Bonanza, on the Board of Directors of Dawson Creek seed cleaning plant, School Board Trustee for Bonanza and Spirit River School Divisions, and member of U.F.A., Co-op, and Farmer’s Union. As president of Bonanza Curling Club, he was instrumental in getting the rink built. Other accomplishments were to get a gym built for the Bonanza School, and arranging for bussing high school students to Dawson Creek. Having failing health in his final years, Floyd was still able to take a trip to England and Wales with Olive and their daughter, before he died on March 27, 1977 at age 58. He is buried in the Bonanza cemetery.

Source: Homesteader’s Heritage pp. 151, 158, 208-209 (Family History and photo)