Edey, Reginald

Reg Edey was the fourth child of 6 siblings, of parents Alexander and Fanny (Watson) Edey. He was born in Wellwood MB, and moved with his family to the Peace River area in April 1928. They lived in Spirit River until 1931 when they moved to a homestead in Bridgeview area. On May 12, two weeks after they moved, a devastating fire which burned from Spirit River to White Mountain, totally destroyed their farm. Generous neighbors gave the family supplies, and they helped build a new house. The family often lived off the land by hunting. Once they were chased by a 595 pound grizzly bear which they had to kill.

Reg and two of his brothers, Morley and Clarence, served in WW II. After Reg enlisted in November 1942 and completed Basic Training, he enrolled in the Army Medical Corps. In June 1943 he sailed for England, and served with the 24th Field Ambulance corps, 5th Division. He also spent time in Belgium, Holland and Italy, returning to Canada in January 1946.

Reg married Jean McKenzie on August 29, 1947 in Bridgeview. In 1959 they moved to Regina SK. They had five children: Norma, Allan, Stuart, Kenneth and Gwendolyn. Most of his life, Reg was a carpenter and he built many buildings in Regina. Retired at age 72, Reg enjoyed his hobbies of gardening and carving. He loved telling stories about his life, especially the one about the grizzly, to his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Reg was dedicated to his church, and served on the Elders’ Board. In his later years, he lived at Kennedy Manor, and his last days were at the Pasqua Hospital. He died on March 9, 2011. Jean died a year earlier on April 5, 2010.

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