Dwyer, Patrick J.

Patrick was one of 11 children. In the early 1930’s he homesteaded in Crooked Creek, where his brother Luke also lived. As a self sufficient bachelor, he was very helpful to his neighbors by teaching them to build a log house. Being a good hunter, he supplied his neighbors with moose, deer, prairie chickens and rabbits. And he picked and canned wild berries. Handy with a jack knife, and ax, and sandpaper, he made furniture and skis for his neighbors. He was a skilled barber for the community, and a great storyteller, making people laugh. Patrick, and his brother, Luke served in WW II. In the 1940’s Patrick moved to Toronto, Ontario where he married and raised a family. He passed away before his brother Luke.

Source: Across the Smoky pp. 144-145. Photos pp. 144 and 346