Dwyer, Luke Joseph

Luke Dwyer was born in 1907 in Egg Lake AB, being the fourth of 11 children. Homesteading in Crooked Creek since 1929, Luke was a “Jack of all trades” and a “fixer upper” who was always ready to lend a hand to neighbors with mechanical problems. Besides his own farming, he hunted wild game for the Forestry department. During WW II he was a driver in the Canadian Army. His brother Patrick was also in the forces. These brothers were bachelors for some time, baking their own bread and pies, growing gardens, and canning wild fruit. When Luke married Betty McLane in June 1942 it was a surprise to most of their community. Luke owned the first school bus in Crooked Creek, and he drove bus for 13 ½ years. Luke and Betty had 4 children: Tim, Eunice, Pat, and Lucille. In 1978 the Dwyers moved to Parksville on Vancouver Island. While Luke enjoyed the life there, he still missed Alberta which he called “God’s Country”. They moved to Vernon in 1983, where Luke was diagnosed with cancer and died in 1988. Betty moved back to Grande Prairie AB in 1992 to be close to her family.

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