Dorig, Walter

Walter Dorig was born and raised in Switzerland, and came to Canada from St. Gallen in the late 1920’s. During the 1930’s he homesteaded in the Meanook AB area. He served in the Army overseas from 1941 to 1946, staying an extra year after the war ended because he spoke German. In 1947 he purchased the Blueberry Mountain Store (in Spirit River area) in partnership with Jack and Clara Bird. His future wife, Jean Smyth, worked at the store. Married on July 3, 1954, the new couple lived above the store. In 1955 Walter sold his part in the store, and started farming in the Wonderland district (Jean was from there, and this school district no longer exists.) At that time they bought a house which was moved to their land, then they purchased an additional farm in the mid 60’s. In 1967 the Dorigs moved to Abbotsford BC. Walter died suddenly in May 1979. Jean remarried to Frank Yablonski in 1981 and moved to Grande Prairie. Walter and Jean had 2 boys: Larry and Glen.

Source: Chepi Sepe p. 184 (photo of Walter in uniform); p. 373 (family history)