Dick, Peter

Peter Dick arrived in Canada from Russia in fall of 1926 with his mother and step-father (Kathler), brother, Cornilious, and sister, Sarah. The following spring they settled on a quarter of land 8 miles north of Wembley AB. The children attended Big Horn School in Scenic Heights, and Lake Saskatoon School. Peter, who was one of the first men in the area to enlist when WWII broke out, served overseas for five years. He was a mine detector for the advance troop. In Germany, he was an interpreter, although he did not care for that job. Because he was wounded he spent time in the hospital, and then married a girl from England. After the war, they came back to Canada settling in Hamilton, ON where they raised a family of two children: Terry and Sandy. Being an ambitious worker, Peter was employed in a steel factory until the time of his death on November 11, 1974.

Source: Lake Saskatoon Reflections p. 243-244; For King and Country poster in Wembley