Dick, Cornilious “Corny”

Cornilious Dick came to Canada from Russia with his mother and step-father, (Mr. and Mrs. Kathler), brother, Peter, and sister, Sarah, in fall of 1926. They arrived in Wembley AB, and in the spring of the next year they moved onto a quarter of land north of Wembley. The children attended Big Horn School for one year, then the Lake Saskatoon School, and finally a bigger school on the north end of the lake. Joining the army in WW II, Corny was posted in Ontario. (His brother, Peter also enlisted.) Corny married and settled in Toronto, and raised a family of 3 children: Billy, David, and Margaret Rose.

Source: Lake Saskatoon Reflections pp. 243- 244; For King and Country poster in Wembley