Dewinter, Harry

Harry Dewinter, born in Nova Scotia, was one of 10 children of Ted and Abbie Jane (Patterson) Dewinter. In 1927 he came to Spirit River area in Alberta with his paternal grandparents and 3 siblings. His father and 3 more siblings followed shortly, while his mother came by herself soon afterwards. They all travelled by train. The family decided to move back to Nova Scotia in 1932, but their car broke down in Enilda AB, and that is where they stayed because they had no money for repairs or train tickets for all. But soon Ted bought a homestead for his family (with a government loan) in nearby New Fish Creek. Joining the army with his brother Albert in 1942, Harry was posted twice in France. Unfortunately he was wounded in Belgium, and he returned to Canada after the war. (Another brother, Gerald, also served in WW II.) Harry was married to Doris Ford, and they had 10 children.

Source: Where the Red Willow Grew pp. 422-423 (photos)