Dewinter, Albert Franklin

Regiment: Scottish Regiment/ Lake Superior Regiment

Albert Dewinter was born in 1920 in Kentville, Nova Scotia to parents Ted and Abbie Jane (Patterson) Dewinter. There were 10 children in the family. Albert came to Spirit River AB from Nova Scotia by train with his father and 2 siblings in 1927. Four of his siblings and his grandparents had gone ahead of them, and his mother arrived later. In 1932 the family decided to move back to Nova Scotia, but their car broke down in Enilda AB, and they had no money for the train or to repair their vehicle, so they rented a place there and found work. Since Ted was a WW I veteran, he was able to get a government loan to purchase a homestead in nearby New Fish Creek. Albert worked for a rancher in Enilda for a while, and then cleared land for a road into New Fish Creek. In 1942, Albert and his brother, Harry, joined the army. First he was in the Scottish regiment, and stationed in New Westminster. From there he was transferred to the Lake Superior regiment. Albert was posted in England in 1944, and while the rest of his outfit was sent to France, he had to remain because of an operation. Albert was married to Beverly Craine, and after the war they settled and farmed in Enilda. They had 4 children: Frank, Ann, Sally, and Julie. Albert passed away in High Prairie AB in June 1995.

Source: Where the Red Willow Grew pp. 422-423 (photos)
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