Demaine, Jack

Rank: Gunner
Force: Royal Canadian Army

Jack Demaine was born in St. John NB, and came west at an early age. From Moncton NB he moved to Drinkwater SK, staying there until 1927. Then he came to the Peace Country, and settled in Valleyview AB for four years. Going next to Grande Prairie, he managed the farm of the late Hugh Ferguson before he went to live in Bellingham, WA. In 1935 he came to the Clairmont district and managed the farm of the late Tom Langdon and Ella Langdon (nee Robertson) (who had 2 boys: Stewart and Allan). Romance blossomed between Jack and Ella. Jack joined the army in May 1940, and was based in Calgary for 10 months. Ella and Jack were married in December 1940, while he was on leave. He returned to Calgary, and soon was transferred to the Coastal Artillary in Halifax NS. Contracting pneumonia, Jack was invalided in November 1941. Jack and Ella had one son, Michael, in 1942. The family continued farming until 1945 when Jack became ill and was hospitalized. He died in April 1956. Ella moved to Grande Prairie in 1962, and she died in 2001.

Source: Smoky River to Grande Prairie p. 298
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