DeBolt, Clifford Eugene

Clifford DeBolt was born on January 11, 1926 on the homestead of his parents Elbert and Laura DeBolt, (which became the hamlet DeBolt, AB in 1947). He was one of 7 siblings. When he was 15 the family moved to Spirit River AB, and a few years later he served in WW II. (His brothers, Dale and Jack, also served in WW II.) Clifford married Dalphine Grimm in 1952, and they raised 5 children: Terry (who died in 1974 in a car accident), Larry, Rainier, Cathy, and Zorda. They settled in Valleyview where Clifford was a member of the Legion. Dalphine died suddenly in 1988, and Clifford passed away at age 83 on December 25, 2009.

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