Davis, George

George Davis, who was born in Thrusham, England on January 19, 1907, came to Canada in 1929. In England he worked in a printing office, but settling in Goodfare he turned to farming in the summers and trapping in the winters. He stayed first with his uncle Walt Wills, and then built a log house on his own homestead. George married Nancy Wills in 1938, and in 1943 he joined the army and was posted in Vernon BC. His family moved to Vernon to be near him. After the war, they moved to Wembley where George started a shoe repair business. Later he worked at Northern Plywood in Grande Prairie until his retirement in 1971. He enjoyed gardening. George and Nancy had 4 children: Betty (died at age 8), Sheila, Jeffrey, and Dorothy. After residing in Wembley for 43 years, George moved to the Hythe Nursing Home where he passed away on December 26, 1991 at age 83. Nancy died in July 1991.

Source: Pioneer Round-Up p. 80 (photo)
Hythe Headliner Jan 22, 1991