Crawshaw, Tom

Born in 1908, Tom Crawshaw was the 3rd son of Enoch and Jenny Crawshaw from England. The family homesteaded in the Spirit River district in the 1930’s, and Tom worked on farms, ran a store, and did a mail route. Tom joined the RCMP and was transferred to Sydney NS, but in 1940 he was transferred west again to Edmonton, Spirit River, and Grande Prairie. On September 4, 1942 he married Bessie Louise Ferguson, a nurse, and 2 days later he joined the army! His postings were in Canada, England, France and Germany. He was wounded and returned to Calgary, November 10, 1945. The following year he was the secretary-treasurer for the Spirit River School Division. Rejoining the RCMP in 1947, he was invalided in 1953 because of his war injury. He returned to the RCMP as a civilian in 1961 as a property manager, and retired in 1972 when he and Bessie moved to Vancouver Island. They had 3 children: Lynne, Ian (who died as a child), and Michael.

Source: Chepi Sepe p. 183 (Photo)
pp. 332-336