Cook, Maurice

Born in Surrey, England, Maurice Cook came to Canada as a small boy with his parents. They farmed in Kenville MB. Maurice married Eleanor Simpson from Saskatchewan in February 1926, and they lived in Wilkie SK for one year. In January 1927 they moved to Alberta, taking the train to Grande Prairie, and settled on a homestead near Albright. Maurice and Eleanor had 7 children: Billie (who died at a very young age), Irene, Harold, Margaret, Joyce, and June. When Maurice joined the Army in 1942, they sold the farm, and Eleanor and family moved to Rosetown SK to be with her parents. After the war, Maurice and Eleanor farmed near Kindersely SK. Maurice died suddenly on March 6, 1966, at age 62, in Vancouver BC.

Source: Pioneer Round-Up pp. 77-79 (photo p. 77)
Grande Prairie Herald Dec. 21, 1928 p.9 c.5; Sept. 26, 1930 p. 4 c. 3; June 14, 1932 p.2 c.3
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