Coney, Edward (“Ted”)

Regimental Number: M-17533
Regiment: Loyal Edmonton Regiment

Edward Coonie and his twin, John Norman Coonie, were born August 31, 1904, in Hume Hall Berwickshire, Scotland, to James and MaryAnn Coonie. John Norman Coonie passed away May 18, 1905, in Hume Hall Berwickshire, Scotland.

During WW1, Edward Coonie was conscripted to the British Army. Because Elizabeth Coonie, his sister, is on his Service Record and she was born January 10, 1919, we are under the opinion he had to be conscripted in 1919 making him somewhere around 14-15 years old. There was never any mention of Edward joining WW1 – so we are unsure if he was just conscripted so when he became of age, he would be ready to join or what really transpired.

The Family, Dad – James, Mother – MaryAnn and five siblings, James, Hugh, Margaret, Elizabeth and John, left Scotland on April 28, 1928, and arrived in Quebec, Canada, via the SS Montcalm ship, on May 6, 1928. The family settled on the N1/2 1-73-3 W6, formerly the Frank Orr place, later known as the Fitzsimmons district. Edward, now was known as ―Coney, not Coonie, homesteaded the NE 30-73-2 W6 the first year, then the next five years worked off the farm as wages were good. The first farmer he worked for insisted on introducing and calling him Ted, and as a result the name stuck with him – he was always known as Uncle Ted.

In 1932 Edward married Roberta (Bobby) Richard. In 1938 Edward purchased the Lawler place, SW 33-73-3 W6 and lived here until WW2, when he enlisted in the army.

June 22, 1940, Edward Coney listed in Grande Prairie with the Loyal Edmonton Regiment. His personal information at the time he joined was height 5’6‖, weight 134 pounds, complexion Dark, Eyes Greyish, Hair Dark Brown, vision 20/20 and educational background – finished Grade X in Scotland. His Personnel Selection Record stated that for the 12 years before enlisting in the Canadian Army, his occupation was farming grain with horses on 320 acres.

His theatres of service in the Canadian Army were only in Canada. Edward did his basic and advanced training in Edmonton and Calgary – In 1941 he transferred to the Halifax Coastal Bde R.C.A. for eight months. The climate proved to be too damp for Edward causing a lot of joint issues. He was then transferred back to Calgary to work as a clerk in the Mewata Armouries. Edward Coney was discharged on October 17, 1946, and was awarded the War Medal 1939-45 and the Canadian Volunteer Service Medal.

Edward purchased the Blake Wager place after being discharged, NW 30-73—W6 and NE 25-72-4 W6 in the East Kleskun district. Edward and Roberta were blessed with seven children, Marjory born 1933, Jean born 1934, Keith born 1936, Faye born 1938, Rick born 1944, Brian born 1947 and Dean 1952 – Dean passed away at nine months old and was laid to rest in Glen Leslie Cemetery.

Edward Coney passed away December 3, 1992 in Grande Prairie, Alberta at the age of 88 years. He was laid to rest in the Glen Leslie Cemetery.

Written & Compiled by Christine Thorpe (Coney) & Larry Coney

Source: Smoky River to Grande Prairie p. 122
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