Cloutier, Roland

Force: Army

Roland Cloutier was born on April 15, 1917 in Montmagny QC. He came to the Guy AB area in 1930 with his parents, and attended the Ballater No. 1 School. As a young man, Roland worked hard to obtain his own land. In 1943 he worked for the army in Whitehorse YT in the winter. After returning from Whitehorse, he met his wife, Marie Berthe Fortier, and they married on December 1, 1945. They built a house on their land, and raised 3 children: Cecile, Emile, and Andre. Roland was a good farmer, hunter, and mechanic, and repaired all his machinery. Roland and Berthe enjoyed travelling to Quebec and the USA. In January 1974 they sold the farm and moved to Falher AB. Sadly Roland passed away in November that year.

Source: Guy pp. 264-265 (photos p. 264)