Clemo, Frederick William “Bill”

Force: Army

Bill Clemo was born in Cornwall, England on October 6, 1908, and he came to Canada in the late 1920’s. In Alberta he did farm labour and trapping. At one time he took a boat trip to New Zealand. During WW II he joined the Army, and while stationed in Edmonton he met Elizabeth Jesson. They married on January 15, 1943. After the war they moved to Revelstoke BC where Bill worked in a planer mill. When he heard about the Lassiter Project (where veterans could acquire land for homesteading) the family moved to the Eaglesham area in 1953. While farming, Bill also worked a trapline, and picked roots for other farmers. He sold the farm in 1967, and the family moved to Creston BC, and later to Courtney BC. An active Legion member, Bill passed away at age 83, in December 1985 in Courtney. Elizabeth and Bill had 5 children: David, Beth, Roy, Brian, and Kathy.

Source: Smoky Peace Triangle pp. 177-178 (photo p. 177)