Cheyne, Patrick Gordon

Patrick “Gordon” Cheyne was born in Longside, Aberdeenshire, Scotland on August 16, 1921. In March 1939 he joined the Royal Marines, and he was posted in the Mediterranean, and the East and West Indies. He also served in Germany in 1951. After his time in the marines, Gordon worked for the Forestry Commission in Scotland. Making the move to Canada, he arrived in Vancouver on May 3, 1958. A few months later he went on to Calgary, and then he worked for the Alberta Forest Service from 1959 – 1962 in the Blairmore and Coleman communities in the Rocky Mountains. Next, Gordon moved to Grande Prairie AB, filing on a homestead in 1963. (S ½ – 29-83-8 W6) He spent 6 summers as towerman at the Copton and Torrance towers. In 1973 he sold his homestead, and bought a quarter section in Whitburn AB, raising sheep and working out part-time. Gordon passed away in January 2009 at age 78 in Fairview AB.

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