Carmichael, Hugh Harold

Previous Military Service: African Boer War (likely the 2nd), and WW I

Hugh Carmichael who was born in Ontario, served in the African Boer War before he took a trip to New Zealand where he met his wife Florence Ann, and they were married there. After the wedding they moved back to Ontario, and then to Edmonton AB where they lived for several years. In 1914 Hugh, his brother Percy, and their uncle Frank Biggs took homesteads in the Hythe AB area. They first built a log house, and then in 1924-25 they built a large frame house. During WW I, Hugh was an engineer overseas, and in WW II he was in England as a Home Guard soldier because he was too old for the army. Florence and Hugh had 6 children: Albert (died at age 18), Edna (died at age 21), Hazel, Ethel, Helen (died at age 21), and Jim. After the 2nd World War, Hugh returned to Hythe and built bridges for Public Works until his retirement. Florence who was very active in the Hythe community died in 1954. Hugh and Percy (who was living at Hugh’s house) were suddenly killed in a home accident in July 1959. All 3 were buried at the Hythe Cemetery.

Source: Pioneer Round-Up pp. 187-188