Campbell, Peter

Regiment: Calgary Highlanders
Rank: Private
Force: Army

Peter Campbell, born in 1903 in Spirit River AB, was the son of Alex C. Campbell from eastern Canada, who came west with the Klondikers. His mother was Metis, from Lac St. Anne AB, and her last name was Gautier. Growing up in Grande Prairie, he attended the first school there, and was taught by I.V. Macklin. Peter trapped with Olaf Peterson known as “Big Swede.” Then he served for 4 years with the Calgary Highlanders in WW II. It was reported that during one of his leaves to the Peace Country in 1941, he travelled a total of 60 miles by foot in order to visit his mother who was 80 years at the time. After the war he extensively guided and packed for geologists, oil exploration, and forestry officials. He married Christine Eaton (who was formerly married to Frank Aldridge with whom she had 3 children). They settled in Beaverlodge AB. Peter was a member of the Royal Canadian Legion. At the age of 83, Peter passed away in Beaverlodge on February 7, 1986, and was buried in the Legion Plot at the Grande Prairie Cemetery.

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