Byers, Everett Ward

Born on December 3, 1901, Everett Byers was know as “Bonanza’s Oldest Bachelor.” When he enlisted in the army in WW II, he reduced his age on the forms so that he would be accepted. During the war he was posted overseas, and he also worked as a barber in the army. He moved to Bonanza AB from Lintlaw SK on July 17, 1955. While working on the Harry Hingley farm, Everett built his house there, which was later moved to land he received from the Veterans AG Lease (NE ½ 32-80-12-W6), in 1956. For 3 months, he was a cook for a survey team. He worked for several farmers in the Bonanza area, and he raised chickens and goats. In 1981 Everett moved to Pleasant View Lodge in Spirit River, where he started playing piano again, as he had in Saskatchewan

Source: Alberta Land Book
Homesteader’s Heritage pp. 153, 194